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Why work in Human Sciences at Macquarie?

148Macquarie is a university on the move. We have a vibrant and dynamic community and active teaching and research environments. Our research is innovative, well funded and well regarded internationally.

Research at Macquarie is now focused around CORES - Concentrations of Research Excellence.  This is part of our unique investment plan to secure our position as a world class research institution in areas of international significance and benefit to Australia.

Working in our Faculty are Leaders in their field like 2007 Eureka Prize winner, Max Coltheart from the Institute of Human Cognition and Brain Science. 

Our Faculty also has excellent facilities - like the world’s first whole head MEG (magnetoencephalography) system for children. It measures the magnetic fields generated by the human brain whenever information is processed.
Macquarie has a flexible working environment for staff. Our staff have some of the best conditions of any university in the country. 

We have a strong focus on learning and teaching for students. Staff are encouraged to develop their skills in these areas. Macquarie University's Learning and Teaching Centre supports all four faculties in the ongoing process of improving scholarly and innovative learning and teaching practice.