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Combined Research and Coursework Degrees

The combined degree provides training in both doctoral level research and professional psychological practice. It is anticipated that part-time teaching will be available to students enrolled in this program. Note that these degrees are developed as combined research/coursework programs, and it is NOT possible for a candidate enrolled in a Combined PhD/Coursework Masters in Psychology to take out the Masters degree separately.

The Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Human Sciences offers three combined degree programs:

  • Doctor of Philosophy / Master of Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Doctor of Philosophy / Master of Clinical Psychology
  • Doctor of Philosophy / Master of Organisational Psychology
All the degrees are accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council and approved by the relevant colleges.

Admission requirements:
An Honours degree in Psychology at first-class level; normally expected to have a scholarship or equivalent; acceptance for entry to coursework Masters; availability of a suitable and willing PhD supervisor.
It will be possible to admit only a limited number of students. In selecting candidates, particular consideration will be given to information supplied on the supplementary information sheet*.
Length of candidature:
4 years full-time or 3 years full-time plus 2 years part-time under specified conditions.
Students enrolled in the combined degree will substitute the Research Training in Psychology units in place of the Masters research proposal and research thesis; and will be required to spread the coursework units as well as the PhD research over four years. Students will be required to attend and present their research at the Faculty Research Festival each year they are enrolled. Requirements, unit descriptions and other details of the coursework component of the combined degrees are contained in the Coursework section of the Handbook.
*Applicants for the combined degree must complete a Psychology Personal Supplementary Information form in addition to the Higher Degree Research Application form.